Tuesday, December 9, 2014

LibLogging 1.0.5 released

liblogging 1.0.5 [download]

We have released liblogging 1.0.5.

This release has a important bugfix for a bug that caused the date stamp to be partially incorrect. The day part was totally off and this affected the "uxsock:" and "file:" drivers.

sha256sum: 310dc1691279b7a669d383581fe4b0babdc7bf75c9b54a24e51e60428624890b

v1.0.5 2014-12-09
- cleanup for systemd-journal >= 209
  closes https://github.com/rsyslog/liblogging/issues/17
- bugfix: date stamp was incorrectly formatted
  The day part was totally off. This affected the "uxsock:" and "file:"
  closes https://github.com/rsyslog/liblogging/issues/21

Thursday, April 3, 2014

LibLogging 1.0.4 released

liblogging 1.0.4 [download]

We have released liblogging 1.0.4.

This release has lower build system requirements to autoconf, introduces a configuration switch to turn of man page handling and fixes some build problems on some platforms.

sha256sum: aceb5d2aa8bdc771ff66f407f9adf4176b654db63e34a8605795b68be537b81c

v1.0.4 2014-04-03
- fix build problems on some platforms (namely RHEL/CENTOS 5)
- add --disable-man pages ./configure option
  This permits to totally turn off man page handling. This is useful for
  platforms like RHEL/CENTOS 5 where rst2man is hard to get when building
  from git is desired.
- lower build system requirements to autoconf 2.59
  This permits building on RHEL/CENTOs 5 with stock autotools.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

LibLogging 1.0.3 released

liblogging 1.0.3 [download]

We have released liblogging 1.0.3.

This is a pure bug-fixing release fixing some build problems and clarifying part of the API.

sha256sum: c9da7e4e01c0912085e9393dfb9d59bbd355c80a4ac5484d78bbfdfa91d011c0

v1.0.3 2014-03-18
- fix build problem in Ubuntu 10.04
  Thanks to Assaf Gordon for reporting
  See: https://github.com/rsyslog/liblogging/issues/11
- do not override user varibale CFLAGS
  Thanks to Thomas D. for reporting this problem and suggesting a solution.
  closes: https://github.com/rsyslog/liblogging/issues/15
- make liblogging-rfc3195 not export private symbols
  Thanks to Michael Biebl for his help in getting this right.
- explain that stdlog_log() return code usually most not be checked
  (if same level of reliability like syslog(3) is desired)

Monday, March 3, 2014

LibLogging 1.0.2 released

liblogging 1.0.2 [download]

We have released liblogging 1.0.2.

This is the first release with a basically feature-complete liblogging-stdlog component. It is an enhanced replacement for the syslog(3) API which supports multiple channels, signal-safeness, and logging drivers for syslog, the systemd journal, unix sockets, and files. While this version is suitable for use with applications, we still invite comments and code reviews.

The man page for the standard logging library is available at
Please report issues and feature requests to
Feedback of any kind is highly appreciated.

Note: if the journal driver is to be build (enabled by default), a new dependency libsystemd-journal exists. This is the required to use the journal API. You can turn off building the journal driver via the --disable-journal configure option.

sha256sum: 1fecfdc506ee937c21c30d868c76842506dc34ea5eb168b81fd11eb9483e4388

Monday, February 10, 2014

LibLogging 1.0.1 released

liblogging 1.0.1 [download]

This version primarily clarifies the licensing and fixes some packaging issues. Otherwise, it is identical to 1.0.0.

v1.0.1 2014-02-10
- rfc3195 component now 2-clause BSD licensed
  This means the complete liblogging is now under 2-clause BSD
- new component names:
  * liblogging-stdlog
  * liblogging-rfc3195
  made some necessary name adjustments
  See also: https://github.com/rsyslog/liblogging/issues/2

sha256sum: 99d09101cc3c22e2388fe2a817bb1c6f5fe2275623aadb94a49d1c2259102bfa

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

LibLogging 1.0.0 released

liblogging 1.0.0 [download]

We have released liblogging 1.0.0.

This release now has the rfc3195 library as optional component and we added the libstdlog component which is used for standard logging. 

sha256sum: b74b456e21d08465dc5a52b1bbbc6a00caa313186cea4751c6eccf468fc84cfa